Livestreamed Talks Over 3 Days – Plus Pre-Con Workshops! - Register Now for only £99 (Discounts available)

ShavedYaks (C++OnSea) has partnered with Digital Medium Ltd (the team behind online and hybrid versions of C++OnSea, CppCon , ACCU , C++Now and The Audio Developer Conference to create a new, online-only C++ Conference designed with accessibility and interactivity at its core! Utilizing a Virtual Venue, Zoom Webinar and Discord server to provide a wide variety of interaction and accessible options to all those attending, we are aiming to provide the ultimate online experience!

Two Tracks Of Talks Over Three Days

Running from 1200-2200 UTC each day. Plus on-demand access to all sessions as recordings - catch up in your free time!

Full Schedule Here:

Virtual Venue

Our dedicated virtual venue will be the heart of the event, connecting attendees to each other, the talk sessions and our additional content like virtual posters, open content and our interactive quiz hunt


Watch Talks With Other Attendees - Like at an in-person conference, you can watch the online talks from presentation rooms in Gather Town.

Interactive Group Video Chat - Use the Proximity-based Video & Audio Chat for spontaneous interaction with attendees like in a physical venue

C++Online Quiz Hunt - Take part in our virtual puzzle game by hunting down pub quiz questions hidden in objects around our virtual venue.

Call For Posters & Open Content - Still Open! Free Registration included!

  • Virtual Posters:
  • Open Content:

Submit a proposal for a Virtual Poster (multimedia embedded content in our virtual venue, with a dedicated presentation/discussion slot in the official schedule)

Or submit a proposal for Open Content - Open Content can be in the form of a talk, demo, workshop, meet-up, group discussion, open Q&A session, BoF, SiG or any other type of relevant, user-generated content.

We have slots available each day of the event for any open content to take place in. Posters and Open Content will all take place in our dedicated, interactive virtual venue - in rooms specifically designed and customized to the nature of the content. Engage others through live video chat, screen sharing and embedded content.

More information on how to apply can be found on the C++Online website, along with additional information about the event:

C++ Workshops & Training - Pre & Post Conference

Workshops Require an Additional Registration to the Main Conference:

  • Peter Sommerlad - SAFER C++ WITH MISRA-C++-2023: Wednesday 28th February 09:00 - 17:00
  • Mateusz Pusz - C++ CONCEPTS : CONSTRAINING C++ TEMPLATES IN C++20 AND BEFORE: Wednesday 28th February 09:00 - 17:00
  • Andreas Fertig - A DAY WITH COROUTINES: Monday 4th March 09:00 - 17:00
  • Rainer Grimm - CONCURRENCY IN MODERN C++ : Thursday 14th March 09:00 - 17:00