Thank you for your interest in presenting a poster at the conference.

We are looking for people who would be interested in creating posters and presenting their latest C++ work or project to attendees and experts in the field. This includes:

  • Hosting a Variety of Multimedia Poster Materials which will be embedded in a custom built poster booth in our virtual venue for the entire duration of the event (with or without the presenter present)
  • A dedicated 30 minute slot to present your poster to attendees through interactive video chat and screen share which will be added to the official C++Online schedule
  • Free entry to C++Online Main conference


Firstly, you will need to create a poster. However, unlike a traditional poster. you can utilise videos, images and/or webpages to create a truly interactive and engaging virtual poster that unlike a physical poster is able to fully demonstrate your project or code.

This opportunity is not just for students or academia. We are seeking a balance between deeply technical posters aimed at experts as well as more accessible posters that may be of interest to students and new developers.

All accepted posters will be displayed in our online virtual poster room in Gather Town and during the conference, you will then be given at least one 20 minute slot in the CppOnline Schedule to present your poster and to answer questions from attendees. Using the Gather Town Video chat proximity system, you are able to present your poster virtually in conjunction with other presenters which allows us to closely replicate a physical poster show. During this session, you will be able to speak to attendees via video chat as well as provide supporting materials for your poster via screenshare.

All accepted posters will receive free entry to C++Online so if you are still interested in presenting a virtual poster, then there is more information below regarding what Gather Town is, how to submit your poster and what to expect during the conference.

What Is Gather Town?

Gather Town is a fully interactive virtual interaction platform, in the style of a retro video game. Users can explore an interactive 2d world through a digital avatar. Users view the space as a 2d top-down map where they can move their character around using keyboard controls. Users can interact with each other through proximity-based video and audio chat, as well as interact with various objects and features within the virtual world.

Your posters will be represented as booths within the CppOnline virtual venue. More information on how your booth will look and work is provided as part of these instructions

Please consider checking out the demo/walkthrough for Gather Town:

How Do Posters Work?

Poster presenters will be given a booth in Gather Town which will look similar to the following:



In your booth, you can have up to 4 different types of objects depending on what type of material you are submitting.


With images you can:

  • Submit a traditional image style poster or slide of information (or a link to an image), in a similar style to this example.
  • Submit a photo or graphic that is used to support other objects in your booth

All image objects will be represented as Posters in your booth. When the user interacts with the poster, they will then see the full-sized version of your image.



With documents you can:

  • Submit a Google Slides presentation that attendees can then look through.
  • Provide a link to a published Google Docs Document or a link to a PDF in Dropbox/Google Drive that attendees can read through

Any document objects will be represented either as Posters or Documents depending on what is submitted. When the user interacts with the poster/document, it will then load your slideshow/document for the attendee to read through.



With videos you can:

  • Record and provide a link to your own video (Must be a link as there is no facility to upload video files in Gather Town)
  • Submit a link to an existing YouTube/Vimeo video that supports your material.

All videos will be represented through a TV. Attendees then interact with the TV to watch the video.



With audio you can:

  • Record and provide a link to your own audio file (Must be a link as there is no facility to upload audio files in Gather Town)
  • Submit a link to an existing Soundcloud audio track/playlist.

All audio objects will be represented as a grammarphone. Attendees can hear the audio by interacting with a gramophone object.



Finally with website objects you can:

  1. Submit a link to a Google Form or another form to allow attendees to complete a survey
  2. Submit a link to another website that supports your material

However, unlike other objects, you can also make your own website which offers the following advantages:

  1. It allows you to serve text, images, videos, and documents without needing multiple different objects in your booth
  2. You can link to other web pages, websites and materials from within the website object

All websites will be represented in the booth as computer objects. Attendees interact with the computer object which then loads the website which they can then use in the same way as a normal website

Please note though all websites (including any other websites you link to from within the website object) must use https:// and must be embeddable (which can be tested at


How Many Objects Can I Have In My Booth?

You can have up to four different objects in your booth as long as they are all relevant to the subject matter of your poster. However, what type of objects these are is entirely up to you. So you may:

  • Have four of the same type of object (so four different images or four different videos)
  • Have a mixture of two or three different objects (so perhaps a webpage, but with then two videos and an image to support it)
  • Have four different types of objects (so a webpage, a video, a document and an image)

Or you could choose just to have your own website as one object that would then be capable of representing all of the other images, video/audio and document that you would otherwise need to submit.

We would generally recommend submitting 3-4 different objects UNLESS they can all be represented in a single website object


What Can I Present In My Poster?

In terms of subject matter for your poster, we are seeking a balance between deeply technical posters aimed at experts as well as more accessible posters that may be of interest to students and new developers.
Topics for posters can include, but are not limited, to:

  • C++ Libraries (Boost, Folly etc)
  • Embedded Development
  • Software Development Tools or IDEs
  • New Features in C++
  • Testing Frameworks (Catch2 etc)
  • C++ Standards & Guidelines
  • Low-latency and real-time programming
  • Performance, optimisation, and parallelisation
  • Planning and navigating a career as a Software Engineer


How Do I Present The Booth?

While attendees will be able to access your poster at any time during the conference, attendees find it much more engaging when the author of the poster is available to discuss and answer questions.

As such, we ask when making your poster application to indicate all times that you would be available to present your poster. We will then publish these times both on the CppOnline Schedule and on your booth in Gather Town. If you are not available during the times specified then that is fine but please fill out the form to indicate this.

Then at the times that you indicated, you will be expected to attend your booths and discuss your material with any attendees who come to your booth. To do this, you will need to:

  1. Connect to Gather Town
  2. Go to your booth and enter the private conversation space of your booth. You will probably want to stand to the side of your object(s).
  3. Turn on your microphone and webcam


How Do I Apply?

Next you will need to fill out our online application form.


Please note the following:

  • The deadline for applications is Monday 15th February and any applications made after this date are unlikely to be accepted.
  • All Poster material is then expected to be received by Monday 22nd February
  • Finally you are expected to check your poster in Gather Town before the conference starts on the 29th February