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Markup-based cross-platform builds

12:00 - 13:00 Friday 1st March 2024 UTC

A short demo and discussion of the Chalet build system, asking the question "What can we automate?"

Chalet is a new build system and project format -- started in late 2020 and first released publicly in 2022 -- with the goal of streamlining C++ project development across platforms and toolchains.

This presentation will be a quick demonstration of Chalet on Windows and WSL (Ubuntu), presenting some of the various features of the build system, including:

- Commands
- Basic build file layout
- Builds on MSVC, Clang, and GCC / MinGW: with C++20 modules and without
- CMake integration
- Package declarations
- IDE integrations: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, CLion

Chalet is open-source, and currently looking for contributors and sponsorships.

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Andrew King

Andrew is a professional software developer and C++ enthusiast who has works in various product development roles (mostly in web), and enjoys game engine development and improving developer tooling.