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DutchC++ Tetris Tournament!

20:45 - 22:00 Thursday 29th February 2024 UTC

Are you a Tetris master? Join us for a thrilling Tetris Tournament hosted by Ray of DutchC++. Compete against fellow Tetris enthusiasts, showcase your skills, and vie for the top spot. With live battles and exciting prizes, this event is all about celebrating the art of block manipulation. Enjoy a fun and friendly competition at the DutchC++ Tetris Tournament!

Ray Burgemeestre

Founder of the Dutch C++ Meetup Group. Co-organizing it with Hans, Andrew and Anastasia! Software engineer at NVIDIA specialized in systems programming (with C++), Kubernetes and containerization, HPC Cluster Management, Linux. Other programming languages: Python, Javascript, Go. Strong interest in visualization. Past experiences with video streaming software, web-development, CI, Big Data.