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Tooling Intuition

18:00 - 19:00 Saturday 2nd March 2024 UTC

Over the years the tools we use to develop have improved significantly. It used to be the compiler that could barely tell us we were missing a semicolon, now it will tell us the exact location. The results from compilers have improved but are we doing all we can with them? Do you always understand what they are saying?

In this talk we will review the improvements by reading their output. We will look at the common tools we use every day in our compilers and static analysis and work through some of the common and edge case errors. We will pull apart items that are either code specific or linker specific and how to tell the difference. Then we will look at static analysis and learn how we can use these tools to improve our development process.

We will use a cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) project to explore best practices for settings regarding warnings, errors, static analysis and how to make the best use of them. Understand some of the trickier items and how to improve our use overall.

Join us in this talk where we will learn to make better use of the tools, by building our intuition.

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Kevin Carpenter

Lead Project EngineerEPX/North

I have in technology for over 30 years, 17 of those developing applications for in C++. The last fourteen years have been working in finance. First on the modeling and simulation side and now more recently in the transaction processing. Taking over a legacy application has been an adventure in not only managing the code but finding ways to bring it into the current century while still maintaining business ROI for all the changes that are made.

Kevin Carpenter, an experienced Software Engineer, excels in crafting high-availability C++ solutions for Linux and Windows, with expertise in transaction software, financial modeling, and system integration. As a Lead Project Engineer, he ensures secure, high-speed credit card transactions. In his prior position, he played a lead role in developing an interest rate risk model for large credit unions, enhancing legacy code, and optimizing ERP data integration.

Kevin actively engages in the C++ community, volunteering at conferences like  C++ on Sea, and C++Now, and CppCon, where he holds key positions such as Volunteer Coordinator/Chair and Speaker Liaison. His diverse contributions to the C++ community showcase his commitment to excellence and drive for collaborative growth, leaving a lasting impact in the tech world.