Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams is the author of C++ Concurrency in Action, and a UK-based developer and consultant with many years of experience in C++. He has been an active member of the BSI C++ Standards Panel since 2001, and is author or coauthor of many of the C++ Standards Committee papers that led up to the inclusion of the thread library in the C++11 Standard. Anthony lives in the far west of Cornwall, England, and is currently working for Woven by Toyota developing automotive software.


  • Designing for concurrency using message passing


    One common way to design concurrent code with less potential for synchronization and other concurrency errors is to use message passing. In this talk, I will walk through the design of some example code, showing how to build such a system in practice This talk will include a brief description of what message passing frameworks are, and how they can help avoid concurrency errors. I will then work through some examples, showing how the tasks are divided between the elements, and how the system can therefore utilise concurrency, while insulating the application code from the details of synchronization.