Denis Yaroshevskiy

  • Software Engineer/Meta

Denis Yaroshevskiy is a performance engineer at meta and a semi-active member of the C++ community. He has a number of contributions in the very foundational libraries, such as libc++, folly, Chromium/base. Denis has a keen interest in SIMD and maintains algorithms in eve SIMD library.


  • Advanced SIMD Algorithms in Pictures


    Consider the difference between explaining the gist of quick-sort and actually writing a production implementation. The first is very quick and can be done in 5 minutes while the second can easily take you months. We will firmly plant ourselves in the first category and look at the basic ideas behind some non-trivial SIMD (i.e. vectorized) algorithms. The plan is to cover memcmp, copy_if and set_intersection. The talk does not expect you to know anything but some CS101 algorithms. Afterwards, hopefully, SIMD will not seem like such a mysterious art.