Jan Van Ryswyck

I'm a professional software developer since Y2K. A blogger since Y2K+5. Author of the book "Writing Maintainable Unit Tests". Provider of training and coaching in XP practices. Curator of the Awesome Talks list. Thinking and learning about all kinds of technologies since forever.


  • Well-Balanced Test-Driven Development


    The world of automated tests can be quite overwhelming. Tests exist in a wide variety of flavours; like unit tests, integration tests, API tests, database tests, acceptance tests, UI tests, performance tests, regression tests, smoke tests, etc. … All of these have their usefulness for the specific purpose that they are serving. When zooming in further on unit tests specifically, we find that there are generally two different types of verification: state verification and behaviour verification. How and, most importantly, when should we apply these types of verification? Then there are also two different approaches to TDD. Which of these […]