Pavel Novikov

    Got an engineering degree in missilery from BMSTU (Moscow).

    Loves C++ and knows how to cook it.

    Likes metaprogramming, multithreading and asynchronous programming, coroutine adoption enthusiast.


    • flat_map

      Standard Library

      flat_map may seem like an unfamiliar animal, but you probably used it many times, maybe not realizing it: in essence flat_map is just a sorted sequence. In this talk we will compare flat_map to existing standard associative containers, overview popular existing implementations of flat_map, look at what is proposed to be included in the C++ standard library, and try to draw some conclusions of what kind of flat_map do we really want to have in C++. In the end you should get a good understanding of what a flat_map is, and in which situations you should use it. The goal […]