Rainer Grimm

    I've worked as a software architect, team lead, and instructor since 1999. In 2002, I created company-intern meetings for further education and have given training courses since 2002. My first tutorials were about proprietary management software, but I began teaching Python and C++ soon after. In my spare time, I like to write articles about C++, Python, and Haskell, and to speak at conferences. I publish weekly on my English blog Modernes Cpp and the German blog, hosted by Heise Developer.

    Since 2016, I'm an independent instructor giving seminars about modern C++ and Python. In the last ten years, I published several books in various languages about modern C++. Due to my profession, I always search for the best way to teach modern C++.


    • Concurrency in Modern C++


      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kRcoWc0OwA This class gives you a detailed insight into the multithreading facilities of C++. Starting with the foundation in C++11, continuing with the parallel STL in C++17, and closing with the concurrency features in C++20. Multithreading Threads Shared Data Mutexes and Locks Thread-safe Initialization Thread-Local Data Condition Variables Tasks (Promises and Futures) Parallel Algorithms of the Standard Template Library (C++17) Execution Policies Algorithms The New Algorithms C++20 std::jthread Atomic Smart Pointers Latches and Barriers Semaphores