Sandor DARGO

Sandor is a passionate software craftsman focusing on reducing maintenance costs by developing, applying and enforcing clean code standards. His other core activity is knowledge sharing both oral and written, within and outside of his employer. When not reading or writing, he spends most of his free time with his two children and his wife baking at home or travelling to new places.


  • Why clean code is not the norm?


    Why clean code is still the exception and not the norm? An intriguing question I read recently. Most of the answers are so human but also so wrong. It's them! The project managers, the junior developers... Project managers care only about delivering more and more features, while they don't even understand what technical debt is, not to mention clean code. At the same time, "the amount of new developers doubles every five years", they don't learn how to code in a clean way and obviously there cannot be enough senior developers to mentor them. These answers are so human but […]